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Enabled Products
Monthly Cost Per Enabled Product
1 - 25
26 - 50
51 - 100
101 - 250
251 - 500
501 - 1000

Shopify Pricing as of February 1, 2023


  • Your first 30 days are free

  • This app utilizes Shopify’s recurring billing scheme. For more information about how you will be billed for this app by Shopify, please visit the “Recurring Pricing Plans” section of their documentation.

  • Your cost is based on the number of activated products

  • Your cost is prorated for products that are active for less than the full month

  • You will not be charged for dev sites or inactive sites, products inactivated in Shopify, or products whose AR has been configured but not activated

  • Prices include unlimited variants for each product

  • Price includes an unlimited number of shopper views

  • Activating enough additional products to move you to the next price tier may actually lower your total cost

  • Contact us for pricing beyond 1000 products


Please contact us with further questions about pricing.

Pro Version
For Larger & Frequently Changing Collections

Monthly Cost
250 - 1,000
1,001 - 10,000
10,001 - 50,000
50,001 - 250,000
250,001 +
(Please Inquire)

Differences from Standard Version

  • Flat fee pricing based on the number of artworks sold on your site

  • No product/variant-level configuration required

  • Sitewide CMS + product integration assisted by Nvzneers

  • Works with most Shopify store configurations

  • Hotline support

  • Free trial via standard version

"White Glove" Onboarding Services

We take care of the app setup and configuration for you

Are you too busy running your business? Does your site developer charge too much for changes? Are you intimidated by the prospect of editing your store? Do your artwork images need background removal or trimming? Our affordable White Glove Service might be for you.


  • Integration configuration for your theme and product pages

  • Branding and appearance configuration

  • Product and variant preview configuration

  • Art image background removal and cropping



  • 25 product minimum

  • Collaborator access most be granted to Nvzn

  • One round of post-implementation changes allowed

  • Prepayment required

  • This is a one-time charge that is separate from subscription charges

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