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Using a smartphone to look at an Augmented Reality virtual preview of artwork on a wall at home.

Easy ARt Virtual Previews
Universal Solution
for stores not built on Shopify

The art we buy for our home reflects our personality to others and becomes part of our life for many years. Purchases with such strong emotional connection can be difficult to commit to when shopping online.


Easy ARt solves this problem by helping shoppers envision how art will fit into their spaces and look with their décor. Trying before buying makes them more comfortable committing to purchases and less likely to return them.


Makes virtual previews of art simple and affordable for web stores built on any platform

Seamless Experience

Shoppers engage spontaneously without having to install apps

Measurable Impact

Proven to boost conversion rate, average order value and time on site while reducing incidence of returns

Easy Integration

API integrates with your CMS and product metadata

Smart Technology

Web-based, next-generation augmented reality technology

Set and Forget

No need to configure individual products -- new products are automatically enabled

Easy ARt Universal Solution

Product detail page showing button to launch AR experience

Customizable Call to Action

Virtual view call-to-action button is customized for your brand and site styling.

Integrate Your Branding

Your logo and brand colors appear throughout the shopper experience.

illustration of branding elements
how to prepare your product images

Use Your Existing Product Images

Requires only 2D images from your CMS

API Integration

Links are populated with required parameters using information from your product database - such as source image and dimensions

code example for API integration
shopping cart full of web analytics statistics

Built-in Analytics

Integrate the Nvzn ARt Player with your own site analytics to see how it is impacting your KPIs

Easy ARt Virtual Previews -- Universal Solution

Product Quantity Range
Monthly Charge
250 - 1,000
1,001 - 10,000
10,001 - 50,000
50,001 - 250,000
250,001 +
(Please Inquire)


For stores not built on Shopify

Flat fee pricing based on the number of artworks sold on your site

Unlimited variants per product

Unlimited views

Billed monthly

Sitewide CMS + product integration assisted by Nvzneers

Uses your existing 2D images

Real-scale next-gen AR respects user perspective

Fully brandable

Integrated analytics

No individual product configuration required

Social media friendly

Web-based -- no apps required

Works on Android and iOS devices

Not Just for Art

Easy ARt can be used for
any wall mounted products


Wall hangings



Picture frames




Wall paint

Window treatments

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