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An Augmented Reality preview of a lamp being placed in a room

Easy 3D+AR Product Previews

With over 50% of ecommerce now taking place on mobile, shoppers are finding it increasingly difficult to commit to purchases of appreciable scale, cost or decorative value. Humans are used to shopping in brick-and-mortar stores where products can be inspected in person. If an online shopper doesn’t have that strong sense of what a product will be like in person, they’re not going to buy it.


Easy 3D+AR Product Previews empower shoppers to virtually teleport products right into their surroundings so they can see how they fit into their homes and their lives, making them feel more comfortable committing to online purchases. ​


Makes 3D commerce simple and affordable for any merchant

Measurable Impact

Proven to boost conversion rate, average order value and time on site while reducing incidence of returns

3D Content Managed

Makes use of your existing 3D models or CAD files, or we build best-in-class models for your products

View In Your Space

Turns any smartphone into a magic window through which shoppers view realistic, real-scale products in situ around their homes

Seamless Experience

3D player can be added directly into the product page or launched from a call to action into an iframe


Enable any or all of your products

Smart Technology

Web-based, next-generation augmented reality technology

Easy Integration

Embedded player snaps into any web store, or use the 3D Studio Connector from the Shopify App Store 


Custom configurators for multi-variant products

Easy 3D+AR Connector for Shopify

Nvzn is an official Shopify Partner, bringing the most powerful AR solution to the biggest eCommerce platform on the planet

Nvzn Shopify App
Play Video
Nvzn Shopify App Admin screen

Easy Plugin Setup

Simply add the identifier from the Nvzn platform to the corresponding product on your site

Sticky Bar

An unobtrusive floating bar spans the bottom of the screen on the page of each AR enabled product, working seamlessly with any Shopify theme

Nvzn Shopify App showing Virtual View button on Product detail page
Nvzn Shopify App showing interactive 3D player on Product detail page

3D Viewer

Shoppers click or tap the 'Virtual View' button, then zoom in and rotate the product from any angle


Customers shopping on PC point their camera at the on-screen QR code to trigger the AR experience on their mobile

Nvzn Shopify App showing scannable QR code on Product detail page
Nvzn Shopify App showing products in Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Experience

Your products  are brought to life as real-scale virtual 3D holograms in the shopper's physical space using best-in-class tech that works on any browser on most every modern phone

Easy 3D+AR Virtual Product Previews

Per Product Monthly
Per Product Yearly
1 - 5
6 - 20
21 - 100
101 - 500
501 - 1,000
1,001 - 10,000


Tiered pricing based on the quantity of products enabled on your site

Embedded player snaps into any site as easily as YouTube

Free easy-connector app for Shopify

Shopable links in AR view

Unlimited views

Bring your own 3D models or have them built by Nvzn technicians

Real-scale next-gen AR respects user perspective

Integrated analytics

Social media friendly

Web-based -- no apps required

Works on Android and iOS devices

Multi-variant configurators available

Site integration consulting included

Shopify Logo

Works With Shopify

The Nvzn Nvzn 3D Studio Connector App is available now in the Shopify App Store

Find it on the Shopify App Store
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