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Automatic International Support

The Nvzn Easy ARt Virtual Previews app automatically adapts to multiple languages. The AR Button and subsequent AR Experience seamlessly align with your chosen store language. No adjustments needed - it just works!

Multilingual Stores

Nvzn Easy ARt Virtual Previews seamlessly integrates with multilingual Shopify stores. If your store offers multiple languages, our app automatically adjusts the AR Button and AR Experience to match the user's chosen site language.

Supported Languages 

The Nvzn Easy ARt Virtual Previews app supports the following languages: 

  • English

  • Spanish

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

  • Portuguese 

For stores in any other languages, the app will default to English. 

Translations Feedback

Notice a translation glitch? We've got your back! If something seems off, shoot us your Translation Feedback through our Support Request form. We appreciate your keen eye in helping us make things right!

Request a Language

We're constantly adding new translations for additional languages. If we don't currently support a language that you require, send us a Language Request through the Support form and we'll add it to our priority list.

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