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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the ARt app be used for other wall-hung items like mirrors, wall paper or decorative decals?

Yes! The app will work with anything that goes on the wall —  especially items whose third dimension (depth) is of little consequence.

Can the ARt app show products in 3D?

ARt is intended for wall-hung objects for which the third dimension is not essential to understanding how the product will look in situ. If you want to show off the 3D-ness of your frames, sconces or wall sculptures use our Nvzn 3D Connector in the Shopify app store.

Do you offer a solution for sites that sell hundreds or thousands of artworks?

We offer a pay-per-view solution that is integrated site-wide and does not require configuration of individual products and variants. You should consider this if you sell over 700 products and expect over 5000 virtual viewings per month. Contact us to learn more.

Do you offer solutions for 3D objects like furnishings, sporting goods and yard & patio?

Our Nvzn 3D Connector app which can be found in the Shopify app store, supports virtual previews of any products.

Do you offer a solution for rugs, carpeting and flooring?

We’re working on it! Contact us to be notified when it’s ready or if you want to be a beta tester.

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