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App Installation

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Shopify App Store

Install the Nvzn ARt App from the Shopify App Store.



Installing the Easy ARt app in your Shopify store requires that you accept certain permissions. Here is why these permissions are required:

  • Edit Products

    • The app adds metadata to products to store AR configuration information.

  • Edit Shopify Admin

    • The app adds configuration metadata to your store, necessary for the app to function.


No Sign-Up Required

There is no additional sign-up or registration process required. Once you install the Nvzn ARt app, you are good to go!


30 Day Free Trial 

You have 30 days from the point of installing the Nvzn ARt app to try for free. All features are available and you can activate as many AR-enabled products as you wish during that trial period. 


Developer Preview

Developer stores will not be charged any subscription fees so that you can take your time to evaluate and implement the app functionality. Once your Store goes live (is transferred to a paid plan) your subscription will start.

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