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Launch your AR previews


Congratulations, you're now ready to launch your AR previews!  Here's what you need to do:


  • First, head back to the Configure Art Previews section in the app.


  • For each product you want to launch, just toggle the Activate ARt switch to ON.


  • If you want to activate all your products at once, just hit the Activate All button at the top of the page.


  • Once you're done activating your products, hit the Apply Changes button to save your changes and calculate your new subscription rate.


  • You'll be prompted to approve the subscription charge, so just hit Accept.


  • And that's it! Your AR products are now live and ready to go.


Head over to your store and check out one of your products with an AR experience. You'll see the AR Button on the product detail page. Just click it and enjoy your customized AR Player experience.


Now your customers can experience your products in a whole new way, and you can enjoy higher conversion rates and happy customers!

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