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Customize your ARt Player experience

We believe that customisation is key to creating a seamless user experience for your customers. That's why we've made it easy for you to customize the appearance of the Virtual Art Preview experience to match your store's brand and design. Here's how you can do it:


  • Navigate to the Customize ARt Player section of the app.


  • Upload your brand logo to add a touch of your unique identity to the Art Player.

  • Customize the appearance of the AR feature in the Art Player by choosing an AR Icon and AR Title that creates a great call to action.

  • The Art Player title screen dynamically generates a preview image of the AR experience in action to help entice your customers into the experience. You can choose from a range of background, device and hand images to use in this preview.

  • Customize the color scheme of the Art Player to suit your brand and style, setting the color of buttons, headlines and other UI elements.

  • Change the capitalisation of headings in the Art Player to match your style.

  • Change the appearance of button elements in the Art Player, including the corner radius and capitalisation of button labels.

  • Change the appearance of the content boxes in the Art Player, including corner radius and margin.


With all these settings, you can create a unique and personalized Art Player that truly reflects your brand.

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