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From Viewer to Buyer: Boosting Online Art Sales with Augmented Reality

online art sales

The Rise of Online Art Sales

Ecommerce has reshaped how we purchase goods and services across industries, including the world of art sales. The online art market has witnessed remarkable expansion, making art more accessible than ever before, but small, static website images of art fail to convey a piece’s true essence, scale, and impact for the buyer’s intended space. The convergence of augmented reality (AR) technology and ecommerce for online art sales transcends the limitations of the past, empowering buyers with an unprecedented level of spatial awareness and emotional connection. In addition, by leveraging AR, online art merchants can provide prospective buyers with an immersive, true-to-life visualization experience, effectively bridging the gap between being a curious shopper and becoming a confident buyer, and thus boosting the effectiveness of ecommerce.

The Challenges of Online Art Acquisition

Art's decorative allure is intrinsically linked to its environment. Lighting, wall colors, and surrounding furnishings can profoundly influence an artwork's effect. This spatial context is critical in determining whether a piece resonates with the buyer's aesthetic sensibilities and functional needs. In the context of online art sales, customers seek not just to view the image, but to truly visualize the art within their own space. AR technology meets this demand head-on, offering a palpable sense of ownership before purchase. According to a Deloitte study nearly 75% of the global population is expected to be frequent AR users by 2025, highlighting the widespread appeal and potential of AR to redefine consumer interactions with art online​​. 

Virtual previews are shown to the user through their smart device, and don’t require the user to wear any special hardware for the experience. This shift towards AR is not merely about keeping pace with technological trends; it represents a fundamental change in consumer expectations. Buyers now seek the kind of engaging experiences that AR is uniquely positioned to provide while enabling the online art market to move from 2D images to interactive exploration.  

How AR Visualization Works for Art

AR's integration into ecommerce websites allows users to project virtual representations of artworks into their real-world environment, boosting buyer confidence. The technology has been pivotal in reducing the hesitation associated with online art purchases, as evidenced by a shift in consumer behavior. A study supporting this transformation revealed that over 50% of consumers felt more confident when learning about product quality through AR, which directly correlates with increased sales and reduced return rates​​.

Beyond confidence, AR enables engagement that transcends traditional online browsing. By allowing buyers to see how a piece of art would look in their specific environment, AR brings an emotional dimension to the purchase, fostering a connection between the buyer and the artwork before the acquisition, thereby making the decision to buy more meaningful and personal. 

From Online Art Discovery to Purchase

In the traditional art sales model, the purchase journey often involves gallery visits and on-site consultations. AR technology, however, has the potential to streamline this process, condensing multiple steps into a single, seamless online experience. AR can more than adequately address the perennial challenge of online art sales: the fear of misjudgment in size, style, and spatial aesthetics. By providing a "try before you buy" experience, AR considerably mitigates these fears, as evidenced by Shopify reporting a 40% reduction in return rates for products purchased with AR integration​​. With AR, buyers can transition from discovering artwork to then visualizing it in their own space to ultimately making an informed purchasing decision – all within the fluid experience of web-based technology that people already have in their pocket. This efficient sales cycle not only accelerates revenue growth but also fosters a more engaging and immersive buyer journey.

Secondly, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated AR adoption, reinforcing AR’s importance as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds in the post-pandemic landscape​​. Furthermore, AR's role extends beyond easing buyer's fears; it also opens up a new avenue for artists and galleries to present their work in more engaging and innovative ways and to a broader audience. Traditionally, the high-end art world has been perceived as exclusive and inaccessible to mainstream consumers. However, as virtual ecommerce experiences become more sophisticated and widespread, a new generation of art enthusiasts will be empowered to participate in this upscale market from the comfort of their living rooms.This not only enhances the buyer's experience but also gives artists the tools to convey their vision more effectively to a wider audience.

Finally, and not to be ignored, AR platforms provide valuable data-driven insights into buyer behavior and preferences. By analyzing how customers interact with virtual artworks, ecommerce platforms can gain a deeper understanding of their target audience's tastes and tailor their offerings accordingly, further optimizing the sales process.

Exploring AR Solutions with Nvzn Easy ARt App 

Alternative means of visualizing art online, such as high-definition imagery, 360-degree videos, and virtual galleries offer supplementary ways to engage online art buyers. However, these alternatives lack the interactive depth and intimacy that AR provides, underscoring its unique position in enhancing the online art buying experience. In weighing these options, it becomes clear that while traditional digital tools play an important role in the presentation of art online, they fall short of the immersive and interactive capabilities AR offers in this realm. Thus, while alternatives should not be disregarded entirely, the future-forward approach lies in leveraging AR to create a more dynamic, engaging, and personalized buying journey.

As a leading provider of AR solutions for ecommerce, Nvzn has developed the Easy ARt app, specifically designed to elevate the online art shopping experience. Rather than merely overcoming the unsatisfactory nature of static images of art, the Easy, ARt app is the superpower transforming how art is sold and experienced in the digital age. Our solution seamlessly integrates with Shopify, and empowers merchants to showcase their artworks in an immersive, true-to-life manner. Nvzn's Easy ARt solution boasts a user-friendly interface, allowing buyers to easily navigate and virtually place artworks within their desired spaces. With intuitive controls, buyers can nudge and reposition the virtual artwork, ensuring a personalized and engaging visualization experience. Further, Nvzn's app is highly scalable and configurable, catering to the diverse needs of online art merchants of any scale.

Beyond instilling confidence, Nvzn’s Easy ARt app introduces an unparalleled level of engagement that transcends traditional online shopping. By enabling buyers to witness firsthand how a piece complements their unique aesthetic, AR cultivates an emotional dimension to the purchase process. This makes for a profound connection between the buyer and the artwork before acquisition, taking the decision to buy from a speculative leap to a personalized, emotionally resonant experience.

Embracing the Future of Online Art Sales

As the art world continues to evolve to digital, the integration of AR technology presents an opportunity for online art merchants and consumers alike. By providing virtual previews and a true-to-life visualization experience, AR helps buyers to make informed decisions, and increases their purchasing confidence, both of which ultimately have a positive effect for the merchant.   

Nvzn’s Easy ARt app can be found in the Shopify app store. It ensures a seamless and engaging shopping experience for art enthusiasts, standing out as the premier choice for online art sellers seeking to leverage the power of AR technology.

By embracing Nvzn's AR technology, online art merchants can unlock new avenues for growth, reach a larger customer market, and redefine the way buyers experience and acquire art in the digital age. In essence, the synergy between Nvzn’s AR technology and ecommerce has given rise to a paradigm shift in art sales. What was once unimaginable - visualizing artwork within one's space before purchase - has become a reality, catalyzing a revolution in how art is discovered, appreciated, and acquired in the digital realm. The Nvzn Easy ARt app has redefined the very essence of the online art buying journey.

If you are interested in taking your online art sales to new heights – explore Nvzn's Easy ARt solution today.


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