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Best-in-Class Virtual Product Previews for Ecommerce

Drive engagement and conversion with real-scale augmented reality experiences that empower shoppers to view products in and around their homes

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Inspire Confidence in Your Customers’ Purchases

Over 50% of eCommerce is now conducted on mobile devices, but small screens make it difficult to gain a strong sense of the dimensions, qualities and presence of your products. As a result, 86% of mobile shopping carts are abandoned and over 30% of purchases are returned - 22% of which is due to the product looking different in person.

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Nvzn Has the Best In Class Solutions
for Virtual Product Previews

Solving real problems for ecommerce merchants

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No code to write, no apps to install

Nvzn is a web service that plugs into your existing site built on any eCommerce platform. Mobile optimized for iOS and Android. Bridged from desktop-to-mobile.

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Contact us to learn more about how Nvzn was built from the ground-up to improve your bottom line

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Shoppable AR

Seize the moment when your customer is most inspired with in-AR buy buttons that directly links to your cart or checkout process.

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Subscription Based

No commitment. Low cost, performance-based pricing. Pay as you go for only the products you want to AR-ify.

Social Integration

Drive incremental sales with seamless social sharing wherever your customers hang out.

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Nvzn is changing the economics of eCommerce

A lack of confidence in purchases made online is a significant inhibitor to the growth of eCommerce. To compensate, sellers have put into place liberal return policies that mitigate the risk of shoppers receiving goods that don’t meet their expectations. Such practices have resulted in diminished profitability, and ultimately an unfulfilled promise of the web’s ability to eliminate friction in commerce.

Conversion Rate

AR allows you to convert more views into paying customers by allowing the consumer to experience your products in their environment.

Find out now, how Nvzn can increase your conversions today.

Revenue Per Visit

AR allows consumers to experience your products in its intended environment, increasing consumer confidence, increasing RPV.

Talk to Nvzn today to find out how we can increase your revenue per visit.

Return Rate

Better informed and engaged consumers are less likely to return products.

Talk to us about how Nvzn can help reduce costly product returns.

Time on Site

AR has some of the highest consumer engagement metrics in ecommerce today.

Schedule a demo today to explore how we can increase your consumer engagement levels.

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Supercharge your eCommerce platform with virtual product previews

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