Nvzn Subscription Pricing Plans

We offer two options – one if you need 3D models of your products created and another for those who already have models

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Bring Your Own Model - Monthly

Bring Your Own Model - Annual

We Create Your Model - Annual


We've made it incredibly easy to get your augmented reality experiences published to the Nvzn platform

1. Contact Us

Send an email to registration@nvzn.net with the following info:

  • Company name

  • Your name

  • Your email

  • Plan type and plan name

2. Sign Agreement

Within one business day you'll receive an email with a link to your services agreement

3. Provide Your Assets

We'll send a link to our secure cloud storage where you will upload your assets

  • For the "Free 3D Model" plan, provide photographs of your product from the top, bottom and each side. Product information such as dimensions, color references and materials will be entered into a form.

  • For the "Bring Your Own 3D Model" plan, you'll upload your existing 3D model files.

4. Claim Your Nvzn Account

You'll receive an invitation to create your company's account on the Nvzn platform

5. Test Your AR Experiences

We'll notify you when your 3D+AR experiences are ready. You'll log into your account and be able to test them before you integrate them into your site.

6. Enhance and Integrate

We'll provide you with information about adding metadata, buy buttons, backgrounds, links, optional advanced 3D options and much more. We'll also provide site integration tips for our Shopify App and custom integrations.

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