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Easy ARt Virtual Previews

The art we buy for our home reflects our personality to others and becomes part of our life for many years. Purchases with such strong emotional connection can be difficult to commit to when shopping online.


Easy ARt solves this problem by helping shoppers envision how art will fit into their spaces and look with their décor. Trying before buying makes them more comfortable committing to purchases and less likely to return them.


Nvzn makes virtual previews simple and affordable for merchants.

  • Proven to boost conversion rate, AOV and ToS while reducing incidence of returns

  • Easy to use, web-based, no-code, next gen augmented reality technology

  • Fully customizable call-to-action to match your site's branding and style

  • Shoppers engage spontaneously without having to install anything -- no apps!

  • Can be employed for anything wall mounted: mirrors, sconces, decals, wall paper

  • Pay only for the products you enable. Charges appear on monthly Shopify bill.

Easy ARt App for Shopify

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Install From App Store

Add the feature to your site. Try it out free for 30 days at no risk.

Configure Products and Variants

Configuration is as easy as associating each variant with a cropped image and entering the finished dimensions

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Add Your Branding

Rich customization of the end-to-end user experience with your logo and brand colors.

Style the Call-to-Action

Full control over color, shape, size, icon, text and placement of the button on your page.

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PC-to-Mobile Bridge

QR codes make it easy for those shopping on personal computers to view the product on their walls with their smart phone or tablet.

Helpful Instructions

Shoppers are given guidance to ensure success for any wall surface and can skip it once they're good at it.

ARt Mobile Instructions x 5 - Trans - 1600x900.png

Amazing AR User Experience

Pictures are anchored to the wall where they can be viewed from any perspective or distance. Placement is easily adjusted.

Get started with the Easy ARt Shopify App

The Easy ARt Shopify App is available now in the Shopify App Store

Find it on the Shopify App Store

Easy ARt Pay-Per-View

For Large Art Catalogs

Available to sellers of 700 or more artworks

  • Platform agnostic

  • Works with existing 2D assets from your CMS

  • Unlimited number of products and variants

  • No individual product configuration required

  • Pay only for what your customers use

  • Analytics track usage at product level

Great for print on demand stores, marketplaces, artist collectives

Contact us for details and pricing


  • Mirrors

  • Tapestries and wall hangings

  • Decals and murals

  • Sconces

  • Wall paper

  • Paint

  • Picture frames

  • Window treatments

Easy ARt can be used for any wall mounted products:

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